Who the heck is Christopher A. Lane?!

          Mr. Lane was born in Farmington, New Mexico.  Since that time, he has lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Shreveport, Anchorage, Pittsburgh, Virginia Beach, and Seattle.

          His artistic influences include Wassily Kandinsky, Stevie Ray Vaughan, van Gogh, William Faulkner, Miles Davis, Henri Matisse, C.S. Lewis, George Winston, Jackson Pollock, Flo Rida, Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Parker, Pierre Bonnard, Virginia Woolf, John Coltrane, Claude Monet... (you get the idea).

          Mr. Lane lives in Colorado.



          Writing, painting, photography, making music. . .

          These forms of expression are included in something we commonly refer to as art. 

          Not only do they afford us the opportunity to communicate who we are and what it means to be human, they are, for me, a profoundly effective vehicle for experiencing God.

          I believe that all creativity comes from God and that when we enter into the creative process - with humility, genuine expectancy, and a childlike sense of playfulness - He welcomes us as partners into something uniquely powerful.

          With that in mind, my primary goals as an artist are to be faithful to the Source, to invest my talents wisely and generously, and to celebrate the marriage of beauty and truth.